Programming in C Programming in C

Programming in C

The book is written for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Information System Management and Computer Applications. In addition, it would also be useful for readers and professionals engaged in the field of computer science and information technology.

This book begins with a discussion on the fundamental of C Programming, Programming Elements, Operators, Expressions, Evaluation of Expressions and Library Functions and then it moves on to describe Input and Output Statements, Decision-making Statements, and Looping Statements. Besides, the book explains various other concepts such as functions, categories of functions, various storage classes, and recursion with suitable examples. Finally, it deals with Arrays, Structure and Union including pointers, operations on pointers, files and operation on files.

1.Fundamentals of C Programming
2.I/O and Control Statements
3.Functions and Storage Classes
4.Arrays and Structures and Union
5.Pointers and Files