Project Management

Skills learned by your exposure to studying project management can be used in most careers as well as in your daily life. Strong planning skills, good communication, ability to implement a project to deliver the product or service while also monitoring for risks and managing the resources will provide an edge toward your success. Project managers can be seen in many industry sectors including agriculture and natural resources; arts, media, and entertainment; building trades and construction; energy and utilities; engineering and design; fashion and interiors; finance and business; health and human services; hospitality, tourism, and recreation; manufacturing and product development; public and private education services; public services; retail and wholesale trade; transportation; and information technology.

1. Project Management: Past and Present

2. Project Management Overview

3. The Project Life Cycle (Phases)

4. Framework for Project Management

5. Stakeholder Management

6. Culture and Project Management

7. Project Initiation

8. Overview of Project Planning

9. Scope Planning

10. Project Schedule Planning

11. Resource Planning

12. Budget Planning

13. Procurement Management

14. Quality Planning

15. Communication Planning

16. Risk Management Planning

17. Project Implementation Overview

18. Project Completion

19. Celebrate!