A Textbook of Quantitative Techniques A Textbook of Quantitative Techniques

A Textbook of Quantitative Techniques

'A Textbook of Quantitative Techniques', primarily meant for M.B.A and first year students and has been written by keeping in mind the students' capability of solving the mathematical as well as statistical problems in a systematic and logical manner. The author has certainly left no stone un-turned in presenting the subject matter in a comprehensive and lucid way. The various topics below have been explained in an explanatory and methodical way.

  • Index numbers and their utility
  • Analysis of Time Series
  • Theory of Estimation
  • Sampling and Testing of Hypothesis

1(A). Role of Mathematics and Statistics in Business Decisions
1(B). Logarithms
1(C). Equations : Linear, Quadratic and Simultaneous
1(D). Theory of Sets
2. Compound Interest and Depreciation
3. Annuity
4. Matrix Algebra
5. Binomial Theorem
6. Mathematical Induction
7(A). Arithmetic Progression
7(B). Geometric Progression
8. Measures of Central Tendency
9. Measures of Dispersion
10(A). Moments
10(B). Skewness and Kurtosis
11. Correlation and Regression
12. Time Series Analysis
13. Probability and Event
14. Bayes? Theorem
15. Binomial Distribution
16. Poisson Distribution
17. Normal Distribution
18(A). Theory of Estimation
18(B). Sampling and Tests of Significance
19. F-Test and Analysis of Variance
20. Index Numbers