Science and Technology - Year 9

Year 9 Science and Technology

This is the essential companion and guide to year 9 Science. It covers all essential aspects of the syllabus in a simple and concise manner. It is an ideal supplement for candidates completing year 9.


Ch1 Chemical Bonding

Ch 2 Mole Concept .

Ch 3 Carbon and Its Compounds

Living Things and Their Environment

Ch 4 The Respiratory and Circulatory Systems

Ch 5 Life Energy and Environmental Systems

Ch 6 Heredity: Inheritance and Variation

Force, Motion, and Energy

Ch 7 Projectile and Momentum

Ch 8 Work, Power, and Energy

Ch 9 Energy at Home and in the Environment

Earth and Space

Ch 10 Volcanoes and the Interior of the Earth

Ch 11 Climate

Ch 12 The Stars and the Constellations