Scientific Writing Techniques Scientific Writing Techniques

Scientific Writing Techniques

The book titled 'Scientific Writing Techniques and Project Management in Biotechnology' has been designed to provide a comprehensive basic text for medical and biotechnology students to make them conversant with molecular biology techniques, bioinformatics, art of planning and writing scientific research. The book has separate sections on survey of techniques in molecular biology; research and development of projects; management of projects and marketing of biotechnology inventions; and intellectual property and patenting.

1. Techniques in Molecular Biology
2. Techniques in Tecombinant DNA Technology
3. Bioinformatics and Computer Applications
4. Scientific Writing
5. Scientific Literature
6. Funding Agencies
7. Preparation of R & D Projects for Funding
8. Biological Resource Centres & Bioresources
9. Capital Investment
10. Marketing Strategies for Biotechnological Products
11. Intellectual Property Rights Concepts and Relevance
12. Biotechnological Patents