Software Engineering Software Engineering

Software Engineering

The concepts presented in this book help the student to strengthen software management approaches. This book presents software management techniques that both complement, and are unique from most software project development methodologies. This perspective will hopefully put you in a different paradigm to successfully run a software development project. This book investigates the aspects of Just-In-Time software and risk management both from a technology perspective, (addressing implementation details of software), and the business perspective (addressing software development cost, schedule, and strategy). This includes the risks associated with business decision-making, investment, and profit

1. Introduction to Software Engineering
2. Software Development Life-Cycle Models
3. Introduction to Software Requirement Specification
4. Software Reliability and Quality Assurance
5. System Design
6. Software Measurement and Metrics
7. Software Testing
8. Software Testing Strategies
9. Software Maintenance and Project Management
10. Computer Aided Software Engineering
11. Coding