Statistics in Management Studies Statistics in Management Studies

Statistics in Management Studies

The present edition of book has been revised to meet the requirements of the students of M.B.A. and
other professional diplomas. It contains the solutions to the problems asked in M.B.A. Examination
till 2008. Two new chapters namely ‘‘Measures of skewness and Kurtosis’’ and ‘‘Association of
Attributes’’ are also added to meet the requirement of the course. As per new pattern of U.P.T.U
examination, each chapter is concluded with multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks and
true/false type of questions.

Chapter 1 : Statistics : An Introduction

Chapter 2 : Collection of Primary and Secondary Data

Chapter 3 : Classification and Tabulation

Chapter 4 : Diagrammatic Presentation

Chapter 5 : Graphical Presentation

Chapter 6 : Measures of Central Tendency

Chapter 7 : Measures of Dispersion

Chapter 8 : Measures of skewness & Kurtosis

Chapter 9 : Correlation Analysis

Chapter 10 : Regression Analysis

Chapter 11 : Multiple Regression

Chapter 12 : Association of Attributes

Chapter 13 : Time series Analysis

Chapter 14 : Index Numbers

Chapter 15 : Probability and Expected Value

Chapter 16 : Theoretical Probability Distribution

Chapter 17 : Sampling Theory and Tests of Significance

Chapter 18 : Analysis of Variance