Techniques of Essay Writing Techniques of Essay Writing

Techniques of Essay Writing

Students can use of this book if they have an Essay paper

in which they intend to get the maximum score.

1. Introduction
2. The Role of Imagination, Relevance and
3. Points to be Kept in Mind (While Preparing)
4. Conditioning/Preparing the Mind
5. Things you have to Remind Yourself About
on Use of Language
6. The Style—Determining the Style of Writing
7. Developing the Central Theme, Mentally
Planning the Points for Each Para and
Modifying Them, Wherever Necessary
8. Sense, Feeling, Tone
9. Conceiving the Paras, Developing the
Material for Each Para
10. Writing the Conclusion
11. Some Steps Before Handing over the
Answer Sheet
12. Practice Makes a Man Perfect