The Critic

1. T.S. Eliot Life and Career
2. The Works of T.S.Eliot
3. Eliot and His Age
The Literary and Social Background to T.S. Eliot
4. T.S. Eliot Select Critical Concepts
5. T.S. Eliot on Individual Writers and Their Works
Eliot's Practical Criticism : His Critical Method
6. Eliot: Impersonal Theory of Poetry
Eliot on the Nature of Poetry and Poetic Process
7. An Ideal Critic: His Qualifications and Functions
8. Eliot as a Classical Critic
9. Eliot's Dramatic Criticism
10. The Revival of Poetic Drama in The Modem Age
—Eliot's Contribution
11. Tradition and the Individual Talent
12. The Function of Criticism
13. The Frontiers of Criticism
14. The Perfect Critic
15. The Possibility of Poetic Drama
16. Hamlet and His Problems: Objective Co-relative
17. Four Elizabethan Dramatists
18. The Metaphysical Poets: Dissociation of Sensibility
19. The Three Voices of Poetry
20. What Is a Classic?
21. A General Estimate of Eliot as a Critic
—His Contribution
"The Achievement of Eliot as a Critic"
"Eliot Made English Criticism Look Different"
Or "Unity Versus Multiplicity" in Poetry
22. Extracts from the Critical Wriungs of Eliot
23. University Questions with Answers
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