The Prologue The Prologue

The Prologue

  1. The Age of Chaucer
  2. Geoffrey Chaucerâ€"A Brief Life-Sketch
  3. The Principal Poetic Works of Chaucer
  4. The Poetry of Chaucerâ€"A Brief Survey
  5. Chaucer's Poetic Achievement
  6. Critics on Chaucer
  7. On Arnold's Judgment of Chaucer
  8. Chaucer Through the Centuries
  9. The Canterbury Talesâ€"Critical Approaches
  10. 10. The Tales Summarised
  11. Emile Legouis on The Canterbury Tales
  12. The Prologueâ€"An Appreciation
  13. Why the Pilgrimage ?
  14. The Pilgrims' Spiritual Condition
  15. Chaucer the Pilgrim, and His Reactions to the Other Pilgrims
  16. William Blake's Comments on the Pilgrims
  17. Chaucer's Pilgrims and Their Love of Money
  18. The Unity of the Prologue
  19. The Technique of Characterisation in the Prologue
  20. The Wife of Bath
  21. Humour, Irony, Satire in the Prologue
  22. Character-Sketches in the Prologue
  23. The Prologue to the Canterbury Tale (Text with Complete Paraphrase)
  24. Notes and Explanations
  25. Important Questions with Answers