The Story of House

This book belongs to "The story of" series which deals with subjects like food, paper, cloth, computers, home, and transport. The series is written in simple English so that the concepts discussed are easy for young learners to grasp.

The Story Of House discusses how need for security and comfort must have motivated prehistoric man to form his own cave dwelling. Since then, the concept of a house has gone through tremendous changes from the flawless houses of ancient civilizations to the modern-day high-rise settlements. Although modern homes provide comfort and luxury besides supporting the growing population well, they also lead to excess power consumption due to lighting in common areas, operation of lifts, among others. The Story of House talks about the evolution of homes, besides highlighting the dark side of luxury housing. At the same time, it offers smart green solutions to make our homes energy-efficient.

  1. House or home
  2. In and out of caves
  3. For animals only
  4. The earliest houses
  5. Different houses
  6. Building a house
  7. Modern houses
  8. Famous houses
  9. Eco-friendly houses
  10. Ways to an energy friendly house