The Taste Signature Revealed The Taste Signature Revealed

The Taste Signature Revealed

The aim of this book is to examine and demonstrate the various inter-related aspects of taste and the psychological impact and emotional meaning they have for consumers and how this can translate into competitive advantage for food and beverage brand owning companies and their senior management, particularly marketing personnel, plus all those interested in food and drink! It is not a technical or scientific study or paper as there is plenty of other material which has covered such aspects of taste in scientific detail. However, to our knowledge there is only minimal material which links emotions to taste – scientific or otherwise.
Examples and case studies quoted are based on our general work in the field. No client information is quoted due to confidentiality, only that which is in the public domain, usually as submissions for winning marketing awards.

Chapter One The Power of Emotions 15

Chapter Two The Changing Taste Palate 21

Chapter Three How Emotions of Taste are Initially Formed 27

Chapter Four Taste – an Overview 37

Chapter Five Acquiring Taste 43

Chapter Six The Encounter 53

Chapter Seven Health and Wellness 65

Chapter Eight Obesity – The Role of Flavour 73

Chapter Nine The Influence of Culture 83

Chapter Ten Taste Globalization 93

Chapter Eleven The Journey of Taste 101

Chapter Twelve Moreishness, Drinkability, Refreshment and Satiation 115

Chapter Thirteen Texture - Crunching and Chewing 129

Chapter Fourteen The Melt 135

Chapter Fifteen Need State Categorization 145

Chapter Sixteen Understanding Need States 151

Chapter SeventeenMapping the Taste Signature® 165