The Tempest

1. The Life of William Shakespeare

2. Shakespeare's Plays

3. A Brief History of English Drama Up To Shakespeare

4. Shakespeare, A Romantic Playwright

5. Some Facts About the Elizabethan Theatre

6. Shakespeare's Greatness as a Playwright

7. The Alleged Faults of Shakespeare

8. The Tempest: An Introduction to the Play

9. Shakespeare's Sources for the Writing of The Tempest

10. The Tempest: The Story in Brief

11. The Tempest: An Act-Wise, Scene-Wise Summary

12. The Tempest: An Act-Wise, Scene-Wise Critical Commentary

13. The Tempest: A Critical Appreciation

14. The Character of Prospero

15. The Character of Caliban

16. The Character and Role of Ariel

17. Miranda and Ferdinand

18. Alonso, Gonzalo, Sebastian, Antonio, and the Others

19. Trinculo and Stephano

20. Select Literary Criticism