Thermal Engineering Thermal Engineering

Thermal Engineering

From the scientific point of view division of SI units

into these classes is to a certain extent arbitrary, because

it is not essential to the physics of the subject. Nevertheless

the General Conference, considering the advantages of a

single, practical, world-wide system for international

relations, for teaching and for scientific work, decided to

base the international system on a choice of six well-defined.

1. Kinetic Theory of Gases and Basic Concepts of Thermodynamics
2. Properties of Pure Susbstances
3. First Law of Thermodynamics
4. Second Law of Thermodynamics and Entropy
5. Availability and Irreversibilty
6. Thermodynamic Relations
7. Ideal and Real Gases
8. Gases and Vapour Mixtures
9. Psychrometrics
10. Fuels and Combustion (Including Chemical Thermodynamics)
11. Steam Generators
12. Boiler Mountings and Accessories
13. Draught
14. Performance of Steam Generators
15. Basic Steam Power Cycles
16. Reciprocating Steam Engine
17. Compound Steam Engines
18. Steam Nozzles
19. Steam Turbines
20. Steam Condensers
21. Gas Power Cycles
22. Variable Specific Heats
23. Internal Combustion Engines
24. Air Compressors
25. Gas Turbines and Jet Propulsion
26. Refrigeration
27. Air-Conditioning
28. Heat Transfer
29. Non-Conventional Power Generation