Tribology (Friction, Wear, Lubrication and Bearing) Tribology (Friction, Wear, Lubrication and Bearing)

Tribology (Friction, Wear, Lubrication and Bearing)

This book has been written to meet the course on tribology-friction, wear, lubrication and bearing of Mechanical, Civil, Automobile and Aeronautical Engineering Curriculum for the undergraduate and postgraduate students. The book is especially useful for the researchers, practicing engineers and professionals for their general requirements. The book provides a simple, clear and exhaustive treatment of friction, lubrication, bearing and wear data. The text in this volume covers the topics such as introduction, meaning, and disciplines of tribology; wear and its types; theories, causes, uses, and measurement methods of friction; properties, functions, advantages, and types of lubricants; design, journal, and materials of bearings; and surface topography and its techniques. The author presents this book in a very lucid style such that even average student can understand the concepts and procedures of practical application of tribology such as wear, friction, lubrication, bearings and surface topography without much strain and is motivated to learn the concepts of tribology with more zeal and interest. The text in this volume is divided into six chapters. The detail analysis of concepts illuminated with illustrative examples is a unique feature of this book.


1. Tribology
2. Wear
3. Friction
4. Lubrication
5. Bearings
6. Surface Topography