VLSI Design Theory and Practice VLSI Design Theory and Practice

VLSI Design Theory and Practice

The VLSI Design provides in a single volume a comprehensive reference work covering the broad spectrum of VLSI technology. The goal is to provide the most up-to-date information in integrated circuits (IC) technology, devices and their models, circuit stimulations, microprocessor and ASIC, test and testability, design automation. VLSI signal processing and design languages and tools.

Chapter 1. Introduction to VLSI Design
Chapter 2. Basic of MOSFET Theory
Chapter 3. CMOS Processing Techniques
Chapter 4. CMOS Combinational Design
Chapter 5. CMOS Sequential Design
Chapter 6. ASIC Design Fundamentals
Chapter 7. FPGA Based VLSI Design
Chapter 8. FPGA's and Signal Processing Systems
Chapter 9. FPGA Design Security
Chapter 10. Fundamentals of Verilog
Chapter 11. Fundamentals of VHDL
Chapter 12. Combinational Design Using VHDL
Chapter 13. Floor Planning and Routing Concepts
Chapter 14. VLSI Testing