VLSI Fabrication Technology VLSI Fabrication Technology

VLSI Fabrication Technology

Since the invention of IC (Integrated Circuits) five decades ago, Microelectronics as a field has come to govern our lives, which leads with VLSI design and technology. This book has brought out the development in this field of VLSI design and technology in a systematic manner. This book begins with an introduction chapter on the history of semiconductor devices and its evolution throughout the years. It also addresses the importance of VLSI design and technology. The authors have covered the topics in an exhaustive manner with a thorough review. This book is excellent for a beginner/undergraduate and postgraduate student and shall be helpful to students wanting to have a conceptual grasp on the subject ''VLSI design and technology''.


Chapter 1 Introduction VLSI Fabrication
Chapter 2 Environment for VLSI Technology : Clean Rooms
Chapter 3 Silicon Growth
Chapter 4 Epitaxial Growth
Chapter 5 Thin Film Deposition
Chapter 6 Oxidation
Chapter 7 Diffusion
Chapter 8 Lithography
Chapter 9 Etching
Chapter 10 Ion Implantation
Chapter 11 Metallization
Chapter 12 Process Integration (Device Fabrication)
Chapter 13 Packaging and Assembly
Chapter 14 Introduction to MEMS