WALDEN - A Critical Study

Walden is one of the masterpieces of American literature. It already ranks as a classic, and not without reason. It contains a graphic account of a unique experiment in living; it is a hand-book of philosophy and ethics for the common man; it is, in parts at least, a Nature-poem; and it is a number of other things. In point of style, too, it is a remarkable work.

This book is intended to meet the examination requirements of university students for whom Walden is prescribed for intensive study. Almost every aspect of Walden has exhaustively been dealt with. A synopsis of Walden, chapter by chapter, has been supplied in order to make the student's task of comprehension of the text easier.

No originality is claimed for this book. It is not a research paper. The object was to select, co-ordinate, and simplify available critical material and to present it to the student in an intelligible form.