Water why it matters

Water has many avatars. It can be likened to the holy trinity of creator, preserver, and destroyer. Water is also timeless. Nature has been recycling it since the Earth took its first breath. This book takes an in-depth look into the different aspects of water on Earth, as well as underneath and above it. It features some of the innovative technologies associated with water, and highlights what each of us can do to save this precious resource.

The book also makes us ponder by asking some relevant questions. For instance, is it a good thing that India is among the top 10 bottled water consumers in the world? Or that according to UN estimates, India is on the list of
48 countries that will face water scarcity by 2025? Slake your thirst of knowledge about this "liquid of life" by diving into these pages full of wonderful images, thought-provoking facts, and astonishing trivia.

The liquid of life

Flowing through time

Seeing through water

Water and the human body

Sources of water

Water ahoy!

The water cycle

Water landscaping

Uses of water

Treating water

The business of water

The politics of water

Water pollution

Water and climate change

Water, the destroyer

Water scarcity

What we can do

Innovative technologies

All eyes on "green" nations

Crystal gazing

Did you know about?

Further reading