Wealth from Waste Trends and Technologies Wealth from Waste Trends and Technologies

Wealth from Waste Trends and Technologies

With rapid urbanization and increasing economic growth, witnessed especially in the developing countries, there is a consistent increase in the generation of waste, subsequently bringing the issues related to its impacts to the fore. The problem of industrial or municipal solid waste, domestic or agro- industrial waste, plastic waste or waste water effluent is serious in terms of their magnitude and potential impacts on air, water, land, and health of people managing these waste streams. Generation of waste is related directly or indirectly to the growth and development of human society.

The distribution and the quantum of waste generated, however, vary from place to place, depending on the population density and consumption pattern of society. In developing countries, rapid urbanization and exponential growth in industries have led to the generation of large quantities of waste. Further, waste generation is always directly proportional to the population density. This makes the issues of generation of waste and methods for its mitigation prime concerns in developing countries.

This award winning book by TERI considers these themes and a number of related issues.

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