Web Teaching

This book is for those who teach. Web-Teaching is the first book to consult when you are thinking about redesigning your instruction for computer delivery. Web- Teaching has two principal goals:

  • descriptions of what is possible on the Web, and
  • identification of instructional strategies that are likely to be effective.

The first goal is quite concrete. For example, modest use of the Web will permit you to "can" your lectures for delivery during a modified classroom session, and to provide readily student support materials that once were difficult to deliver.

This is a book written by teachers for teachers. We hope our readers will come to favor some instructional strategies over others. Web-Teaching is not a book for techies. This book will not provide you with all of the technical tools needed to create instructional materials. Many other books deal with the specifics of harnessing appropriate technologies. This is the teacher's first book the one to read and reread as you plan Web-based instruction.

CHAPTER 1 Introduction details

CHAPTER 2 Research on Teaching; Web Issues


CHAPTER 4 Students and Web Use Expectations

CHAPTER 5 Encouraging Discussion

CHAPTER 6 Web Multimedia Basics

CHAPTER 7 Interactive Strategies

CHAPTER 8 Multimedia Beyond Text

CHAPTER 9 Promotion of Self-Regulated Learning

CHAPTER 10 Creating and Managing Web Sites

CHAPTER 11 Course Supplements

CHAPTER 12 College and K-12 Courses

CHAPTER 13 Informal Education: Museums, Organizations

CHAPTER 14 Using Databases

CHAPTER 15 Automated Testing

CHAPTER 16 Advanced Interactivity

CHAPTER 17 Weblets, CD-ROMs, Intranets

CHAPTER 18 Security Issues

CHAPTER 19 Equity And Legal Issues

CHAPTER 20 Multimedia Classrooms; Lecturing