Core concepts of marketing

An open text that introduces students to the marketing strategies a...

Dictionary of Research Concepts

An introduction to research terminology for new research candidates.

Ethics Protocols and Research Ethics Committees

This book addresses Ethics Protocols related to Masters, Doctoral a...

Field Methods for Academic Research

Field research is essential to the furtherance of knowledge, howeve...

Grounded Theory

To be a successful researcher it is necessary to understand theory.

Human Resource Management

HRM is a strategic process having to do with the staffing, compensa...

Leading Issues in e-Learning Research

Important research for e-Learning research academics and scholars.

Leading Issues in Social Knowledge Management

Worthwhile reading for social research academics and scholars.

Project Management

Skills learned by your exposure to studying project management can ...

Research Supervision for Supervisors and their Students

A worthwhile introduction to the supervisory process.

Strategy-Technology Alignment: Deriving Business Value from ICT Projects

Essential reading for IT professionals l...

Writing up your Research for a Dissertation or Thesis

Professor Remenyi's essential reading for candidates writing up their research.