Clear Confusion in English Words

This will help the learners to know the accuracy in usage and under...

Contemporary English Grammar Structures

English grammar is the structure of expressions in the English lang...

Deviant Usage and Confusing Words

Deviant Usage and Confusing Words is a compilation of short

English Grammer Without Tears

This book has been written with a view to providing a simple gramma...

English Language

A series of short stories with questions.

How to Write Well

When you don't know where to start.

Impressions an Approach to English

The aim of this book is to provide a new approach to learning Engl...

Let's Communicate 1

For students learning the English language.

Let's Communicate 2

This text is suitable for students studying English.

Remedial English Language

This texts is suitable for students studying English as a sec...

Technical Writing

This text is for students studying advanced English writing.

Techniques of Essay Writing

Students can use of this book if they have an Essay paper


Writing up your Research for a Dissertation or Thesis

Professor Remenyi's essential reading for candidates writing up their research.