Integrated Pest Management

Onion and garlic are the most important allium crops cultivated thr...

The Original Organics Cookbook

Eating organic foods reduces potential health risks.

...and death came third!

The Definitive Guide to Networking and Speaking in Public

10 Secrets to Sporting Success

Professionals reveal their mind training secrets. Follow this step-...

360º Feedback

A Transformational Approach

As Safe As Houses

Cracking the Code to Profitable Property Investment


The voice behind music's greatest stars

Be Gender Smart

The Key to Career success for Women

Being An Agile Leader-Manager

Practical skills to handle people challenges in today's world of work

Building A Stellar busIness

A Structured Guide to Financial Success

Business Fundamentals

Business Fundamentals provides an overview of the basic concepts th...

Canadian History: Post-Confederation

This textbook introduces aspects of the history of Canada since Con...

Canadian History: Pre-Confederation

Canadian History: Pre-Confederation is a survey text that introduce...

Communication Theory

This book is an introduction to communication theory.

Comprehensive General Studies

The study of general knowledge is vital. It is not only a major con...

Cooking up Success

Helping You Discover the Job of Your Dreams

Essential Skills Companion Kit for Culinary Arts Trades Training

The Essential Skills Companion Kit to Culinary Arts Trades Training...

Ethics in Law Enforcement

The book examines the moral and ethical issues that exist within la...


Re?ections, anecdotes and observations from a life in tennis aimed ...

Farewell Jet lag

Cures from a Flight attendant

Food Safety, Sanitation, and Personal Hygiene

An in-depth look at food safety practices.

forall x: An Introduction to Formal Logic

forall x is an open access introductory textbook in formal logic.

Graphic Design and Print Production Fundamentals

This textbook is written with a focus on different aspects of the d...

Human Resources in the Food Service and Hospitality Industry

A comprehensive look at Human Resources specifically for those in f...

Interior Design Secrets

How to create your own professional interior design

Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality in BC

This textbook is an introduction to the tourism and hospitality ind...

Media Studies 101

Media Studies 101 is an open educational...

Moving Mountains

Discover the Mountain in You

NLP - Principles in Practice

Nutrition and Labelling for the Canadian Baker

This book is intended to give students a basic understanding of nut...

Opposition in Pilates and Yoga

A conceptual blend of Newton's Third Law and mindfulness

Organic Agriculture and Post 2015 Development Goals

The book makes an evidence-based case for organic agriculture.

Play Golf Forever

A physiotherapist's guide to golf fitness and health for the ov...

Play Tennis Forever

A physiotherapist's guide to keeping fitter, younger and ...

Property Magic

How to buy property using other people's time, money and experience

The Business of People

How to Nurture Potential and Performance

The Official Australian Reference Guide to Agricultural Biotechnology and GM Crops

Factual information about GM crops based on scientific evidence

The Soul Mender - Arise and Shine

Arise and Shine

The Step-Up Mindset for New Managers

For those who want to make the 'Step-Up'

The Zest Formula

Embracing zest, health and happiness in your 40s and beyond.


How Fresh Perspectives Build Breakthrough Brands

Understanding Ingredients for the Canadian Baker

This book is intended to give students a basic understanding of the...

What the P.A. Knew

An intriguing legal tale

Workplace Safety in the Food Service Industry

Workplace Safety in the Food Service Industry is one of a series of...