Student Retention

Enhance the student experience and promote better learning outcomes

Our solution actively promotes student retention through the provision of high quality textbooks. As a student it can be challenging to be able to meet the cost of education. This is doubly hard because the rapid rise in textbook prices. We have sought to address this issue with the creation of our platform Learner Library. While many publishers charge in excess $150 for a single textbook. Our solution provides you with thousands of textbooks for less than the price of one. This equates to approximately 30 cents per day for thousands of premium textbooks. Give your students the best opportunity at success and promote student retention.

Cost of textbooks per year


Unlimited Access

Access 24/7 via a smart phone, tablet or desktop.

Reference Library

A low cost reference library to supplement your existing course materials


A wide variety of academic subjects as well as professional certifications covered

Content Discovery

Advanced search features and content discovery tools


Save your favorite textbooks in your own personal online bookshelf.

Advanced Features

Advanced note taking, book marking and in text highlighting features