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Learner Library is a tool that will enhance all aspects of your library, it is an essential tool for any successful library, allowing for unlimited concurrent users accessing unlimited resources. Users can even access the same title at the same time without worrying about quotas or the number of additions the library has as usage is not metered. Give your community, and students from kindergarten to post-doctoral level, the resources they need to succeed. With site licensing starting from $2,499 annually, it is the most affordable way to create a culture of high performance and productivity. Contact us today to learn about our library site licensing options.

How it works

Libraries taking up a site licence will be able to provide their entire library user cohort unlimited concurrent access to the entire catalogue of textbooks, instructional videos, reference books, audio pods and e-learning. Usage is provided through IP detection and/or individual library member confirmation. The method employed to identify valid users, is at the discretion of each of our subscribing libraries. Generally, we find that IP detection works best but are happy to provide platform based user vetting options at the behest of our partners. The books and other resources can be used concurrently by an unlimited number of users, meaning that there will never be any shortfall of titles regardless of the number of users. This also means libraries do not need to determine specific book quantities required as all members of the library have access to unlimited titles at all times.

Library FAQs

How many resources do you have?
We have approximately 3,000 titles on our platform, this excludes e-learning, simulations and our virtual reality library (VR library currently in beta release).
What are the titles in your catalogue?
We offer titles by a number of award winning publishers from around the world. Recent additions include the Nobel nominated organisation TERI, Paloma Press, and the sciences and engineering catalogues of University Sciences Press. We have an extensive catalogue of titles from global publishers with a particular focus on high quality primary and high school level books. We have an extensive university/college catalogue across all disciplines.
How do you authenticate users?
Users are authenticated at a site level based on the originating IP address. Additionally, we are happy to provide enhanced vetting options and non-IP based authentication for library members that are rural, remote and geographically distant from the library site. For libraries wanting to provide users with home based access, we support authentication through direct account creation by library administrators or account creation through submission of library membership particulars, i.e. submission of library membership number and library card. We leave all decisions relating to models of authentication to the library administrators. Contact us if you have any questions about authentication.
How many users have access to each specific title?
Unlimited users can access each title at any time.
Do you support bookmarking and user bookshelves?
Users have the ability to bookmark titles and add them to their personal bookshelf. .
Do you support smart phones and tablet devices?
Our dynamic platform supports computers tablets and smart devices.
How does pricing work?
Site licencing starts at $2,499. However, we have a price guarantee policy, which means that if you received promotional pricing that pricing is fixed regardless of any increase in catalogue size or change in price level.

Unlimited Access

Access 24/7 via a smart phone, tablet or desktop.

Reference Library

A low cost reference library to supplement your existing course materials


A wide variety of academic subjects as well as professional certifications covered

Content Discovery

Advanced search features and content discovery tools


Save your favorite textbooks in your own personal online bookshelf.

Advanced Features

Advanced note taking, book marking and in text highlighting features

The university library in your pocket. Unlimited textbooks, unlimited learning.

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